What lives in your sock drawer?

By Frank Nyhuis

Tas Denture Studios

IF you were to have a look in your sock drawer, what would you actually find?

Well, it wouldn’t just be socks, that’s for sure.

My sock drawer has a number of personal items that are special to me.

This could vary from screwdrivers to TV remotes, an old watch, medication, pens, receipts, pictures, keepsake cards from my family and, of course, some socks.

Have you ever had a set of dentures made that are so uncomfortable or look terrible that they end up in your sock drawer?

Dentures are not created equal.

You may have the best looking set of dentures, but if there is one little thing that’s not quite right with the way they fit or bite together, then it doesn’t matter how much you persevere, eventually something will need to be done or they could end up in your sock drawer.

Many factors come into play when creating an individual set of dentures and listed below are a few things to keep in mind:

Like the footings for a house, dentures need a stable base. There are certain landmarks in the mouth that dental prosthetist’s look for to maximize a dentures’ stability.

Muscles also play a major part in denture design. A denture should replace the tissues and teeth that were once there, filling the void, but sitting passively within the space of the cheek and tongue muscles.

Balance. Teeth need to be placed in a particular way to ensure that they are balanced when eating and talking so the dentures don’t become loose and fall out.

Teeth need to be positioned where they physiologically belong within the skull. For example, if they are set too far back, there won’t be enough lip support or fullness, creating more wrinkles and other issues when trying to talk.

The “natural look.” It is very important to make a set of dentures look natural so they blend in with the surrounding teeth.

Cheap teeth, cheap look. At Tas Denture Stuios, we work with our patients to create that natural looking smile and use only the finest materials available as standard practice. We create work that we are proud of and would happily have in our own mouths. With numerous advances in the manufacturing of denture teeth, we now have the choice of teeth that have multiple layers to achieve the natural appearance and are more resistant to wear.

If your dentures live in your sock drawer or you think it’s time for a fresh smile, then please don’t hesitate to contact Frank or Philip at Tas Denture Studios in Hobart and Margate by phoning 6221 9222 or visiting the website at www.tasdenturestudios.com.au.

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