Vodafone steps out to support charity

VODAFONE Hobart Customer Care Centre staff members used a paid leave day in October to step out into the local community and help out various charities.

Vodafone resolution case manager Katrina Hale visited Bethlehem House during her paid leave charity day.

On the day, Ms Hale helped to put together a hot house, while other colleagues made garden beds and assembled furniture.

Ms Hale said the work had given her a great insight into the Hobart community.

“There are a lot of people in our local community who are going through tough times and need assistance,” she said.

“The day helped me see that organisations such as Bethlehem House really do make such a good impact on the lives of the residents that stay there.

“It is so nice to know that Bethlehem House is available to local men as a place to seek support and guidance.”

Vodafone offers its staff the opportunity to participate in a paid charity leave day each year, but this is the first year Ms Hale has participated.

Ms Hale said the opportunity had made her realise how fulfilling it was to help other people.

“The small gesture we made by volunteering for the day has meant Bethlehem House will be able to improve its veggie garden and it is a great feeling knowing I have played a role in that,” she said.

“The gratitude everyone at Bethlehem House showed us was amazing.”

Head of Hobart Centre Dean Harris said staff had taken advantage of the public holiday in other states to help out in the Hobart community.

“When it’s a public holiday in other states, call volumes and workloads are significantly lower at the Hobart centre, so we’ll be using that time to support various charities in the community,” he said.

“This year, we completed tasks such as preparing meals, cleaning, planting gardens, food packaging, blood donations and supporting different animal sanctuaries.

“The centre was adequately staffed to ensure all customers who needed to contact us were assisted, but with the lighter workload, many of us had the opportunity to work in the local community.

“Through our paid charity leave day we hoped to maximise the positive impact we could make in the Hobart community.”

Caption: Staff from the Vodafone Hobart Customer Care Centre helped to build a hot house at Bethlehem House in Hobart.

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