Tuning up Sundays in Salamanca Place

After a two-week trial approved by the City of Hobart, venue owners in Salamanca Place can now showcase live musicians on Sundays.

The Hobart City Council approved the initial trial brought forward by Alderman Marti Zucco and has approved an extended 12-month trial which started on 18 February.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the city to further support our local creative sector while delivering on our strategic plan to embrace creative and artistic participation,” Ald Zucco said.

“This trial will aim to deliver a more vibrant public space and further enhance the Sunday atmosphere in Salamanca which will hopefully deliver benefits to venue operators and visitors alike.

“Trials like this offer an important opportunity for us to bring something new to the community and learn along the way.

“We hope it encourages people to venture out this winter and enjoy more live entertainment, especially with Dark Mofo performances not going ahead this year.”

Tasmanian Hospitality Association chief executive officer Steve Old said the industry had faced significant challenges over the last few years.

“This trial is a great example of a small change that could lead to big positive impacts for venue operators and visitors alike,” he said.

“We all know Sundays can be a bit hit or miss in Hobart so for Salamanca Place operators to have an additional entertainment option like this up their sleeve is fantastic.”

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About the Author: Simon Andrews

Simon is a passionate journalist and finds joy in uncovering and sharing locally resonant stories, immersing himself in the hearts of communities. He can often be spotted out and about sourcing grassroots news for the Hobart Observer and its sister papers.

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