Try something “so much better” at GTT Performance Centre

GTT Performance Centre has gone from strength to strength, quite literally, since opening its doors three years ago.

Hailed as “the best team training in Tasmania” by a number of its members, the Hobart gym is renowned for its holistic approach to exercise, nutrition and education.

GTT is the brainchild of Daniel and Alana Lowry who have more than 20 years’ combined experience in the fitness industry.

Daniel said he designed GTT with customer outcomes in mind.

“We were really frustrated with the lack of accessibility to premium, but affordable, personal training (PT) and team training in Tasmania,” he said.

“We created GTT on the assumption that if children can learn to swim together, adults can learn to become fit, strong and healthy together.

“GTT team training is a great option for most people, as studies show conclusively that people who exercise as part of a community are far more likely to achieve their goals.”

Daniel said GTT’s team training had the biggest impact on changing how its members’ bodies looked, worked and moved.

“It is a well-known fact that to achieve great results, you need to be working with a PT four to six times per week,” he said.

“However, this can become extremely expensive one-on-one.

“When designing GTT’s team training program, our number one priority was to help more people access the PT experience, but without the price tag.”

GTT’s personal trainers run team training sessions six-times-a-day from Monday to Friday and three-times-a-day on Saturday.

Each day features a different workout focussing on a different energy system including strength, aerobic and mobility.

Daniel said winter was always a good time to be training as what people did now shaped how they looked, felt and functioned in the future.

“The beauty of team training is that you can train six-days-a-week for less than the cost of just one single PT session,” he said.

“You do not need to think or plan, you just walk in the door and do what some of the best fitness professionals in the industry tell you to do.

“Everybody who follows this system sees an enormous change.”

GTT is located at 152 Macquarie Street, Hobart (behind Chemist Warehouse).

For more information or to claim your free seven-day trial (limited spaces available) visit www.gtt.com.au

You can also follow GTT on Facebook and Instagram.

Caption: GTT Performance Centre in Hobart’s CBD runs team training sessions from Monday to Saturday that focus on strength, aerobic and mobility energy systems.

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