Tiger sailing into success

Fourteen-year-old Tiger Somerville is on the fast-track to becoming the master of a tall ship, guided through her journey by the dedicated and supportive crew members of the Lady Nelson.

“I had no idea how much volunteering on the Lady Nelson could change my life and set me on a clear career path,” Ms Somerville said.

Ms Somerville first stepped on board the iconic Tasmanian vessel in January 2023 during a five-day trip down the Tasman Peninsula.

“There is an immense amount of sailing knowledge onboard the Lady Nelson,” she said.

“The crew are super friendly and always willing to pass on their knowledge.

“There so much value in volunteering. It has taught me resilience and provided a really supportive network of experienced shipmates.”

The Lady Nelson has a been a common sight on the River Derwent for more than 40 years thanks to the commitment of volunteers like Ms Somerville who keep the ship afloat.

Despite this, the ship needs more hands of all ages and experiences to come aboard and help continue the legacy of one of Tasmania’s most historically significant vessels.

“A large amount of Hobart’s and Tasmania’s history can be linked directly to this ship,” Captain Malcolm Riley said.

“We have so much to offer through our volunteer program. People of all ages come to us with various experience levels and quickly become adept sailors.

“We have varied trips that take us all around our beautiful state. The skills and knowledge acquired through our program has seen many volunteers progress into top maritime roles.”

For more information go to ladynelson.org.au

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