Sustainability key for Hobart’s youngest grant recipients

LANSDOWNE Crescent Primary School’s grade five sustainability group was recently awarded a City of Hobart grant to contribute towards improving sustainability at its school.

The group was a recipient of a Dr Edward Hall Environment grant, which provided up to $5000 towards environmental sustainability projects.

The grant application was written by Ruby Gallagher, a year five student.

“We thought that the water bubbler at our bottom playground was really cool and good for saving plastic and we wondered why we didn’t have one in the top playground,” Ruby said.

“We want to stop people who forget their drink bottle from going to buy a plastic one, as they are harmful to animals like sea turtles.”

Ruby and the rest of the year five sustainability group are the youngest ever recipients of a City of Hobart grant.

The school sustainability group aims to foster waste reduction at their school and are targeting the unnecessary use of plastic water bottles.

Ruby attended a public information session for the Dr Edward Hall Environmental grants in June and prepared the grant with encouragement from teachers and her mother, Georgina Gallagher.

“This lovely lady also came to our school and told the whole sustainability group about grants and applying for grants and we wrote down lots of notes as a group,” Ruby said.

“My mum helped me to put all the notes together into the grant application and helped me send it in.”

Sustainability group member Pippa Kuylaars, grade five, said the group performed presentations at assemblies.

“We mainly talk about recycling and do power points on different sustainability issues,” she said.

“We also have a shark toy which we hand out to the class group who has been the best at recycling and practising sustainability.”

Both Ruby and Pippa want to work in the environment sector in the future.

“It’s important to look after our environment because we’re not the only ones living here, there are other animals around and they need to live somewhere habitable,” Ruby said.

Pippa said if we did something to help the environment now, we wouldn’t have as many negative effects on it in the future.

“What action we take now we’re doing for the future,” she said.

Caption: The Lansdowne Crescent Primary School grade five sustainability group have received a Dr Edward Hall Environmental grant to build a water bubbler in their playground.

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