Staying upbeat

By Jo Cordell-Cooper*


IN uncertain times I find great benefit in sticking with or creating some self-care routines.

Often, healthy habits are formed in times of uncertainty as a response to needing to control something.

Here are my top five tips for staying upbeat when the future is not clear.


  1. Eat really good food

Aim to eat the most varied and unprocessed food that you can and minimise quick-fix sugary foods.

Your brain will be looking for sugar hits to stimulate the reward centres of the brain, so watch out for sugar cravings.


  1. Include movement in your day

I am offering two free options.

A free home workout and framework for creating huge variety using just five exercises – the squat, lunge, deadlift, push-ups and core exercises.

Additionally, free 10-minute active breaks are offered at 1pm weekdays – I call these Stretch, Flex and Re-Energise.

These are live videos with simple little stretches and tips to reduce muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back and give you a proactive outlet that is quick, easy and free.

It’s important to take a moment for yourself – both can be accessed either via my free Facebook group Holistic Personal Training or via my YouTube channel Jo Cordell-Cooper.

Walk your dog, ride your bike, do some gardening – all can be undertaken within the physical distancing guidelines


  1. Be kind to a stranger, do a good deed or a “pay it forward” task

Doing something nice for someone else makes your feel good and is at the very cornerstone of humanity.

It’s a fact that while you are focusing on a good deed for someone else it is much harder to feel depressed and isolated – and it is delightful for the recipient.


  1. Walk in nature

If we can quietly walk in nature, use the five senses to really get into the moment and listen with heightened awareness to the sounds around us.

If we can feel the wind or the sun, smell the eucalypt, touch the leaves and revel in the texture – for that moment our mind quietens, and our concerns are not front of mind.


  1. Find something to laugh at

Our family has just started watching the Big Bang Theory from season one.

There are times in our lives when we absolutely need to seek out things to be happy about and while it is good to remain in touch with current news, watching too much of it can be depressing.


I hope this article gives you a few ideas about how to stay upbeat in these uncertain times.

One final tip is to adopt a positive mantra that resonates with you.

Mine is, “this time will pass” and another I’ve heard is, “for the collective good.”


*Jo Cordell-Cooper owns the award-winning business Jo CC Holistic PT.  You can make contact via email at jo@jocc.com.au, or follow on Facebook at Jo CC Holistic PT or Holistic Personal Training.

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