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OLDER Tasmanians are encouraged to “stay hearing fit” and embrace their hearing health in celebration of Hearing Awareness Week, which was held from 25 February to 3 March.

Research shows that today’s older Australians are generally healthier and more active than their peers 25-years-ago.

However, it is also shown that maintaining hearing fitness wasn’t a priority, with people waiting an average of seven-years to take a hearing test.

To help tackle this, Australian Hearing is offering free hearing checks and advice on hearing wellness throughout March at local Australian Hearing centres.

“To stay in top shape, consider a hearing test as part of your regular health check-up, just like you would get your eyes checked or test your blood pressure,” Australian Hearing Hobart manager Graham O’Meagher said.

“A hearing check is a quick and easy way to measure the sounds you can and can’t hear.

“Our team are also here to guide you through the next steps you may need to take to improve your hearing.”

Signs of hearing loss can include a ringing sensation in your ears, your family complaining the television is too loud, difficulty hearing people on the phone, excessively asking people to repeat themselves, ceasing participation in activities you used to enjoy and feeling isolated and confused in noisy situations.

Australian Hearing provides subsidised hearing care for eligible people, including pensioners and most veterans.

For full details, visit www.hearing.com.au or phone 1300 412 512.

Caption: To stay in top shape, consider a hearing test as part of your regular health check-up.


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