St David’s Cathedral blooms to life

THE 52nd Blooming Church Festival was held at St David’s Cathedral in early February, with hundreds of people walking through the doors to enjoy the floral beauty of Hobart.

Dean of Hobart the Very Reverend Richard Humphrey said Blooming Church was the community floral festival of Hobart, with St David’s playing host to an array of floral exhibits, botanical art, music and community creativity.

“It’s a chance to celebrate the creativity of many different community groups, particularly church groups, in a way that encourages celebration of God’s creativity,” he said.

The exhibition included a display of fine needlework by the Embroiderer’s Guild, treasures from the cathedral archives and botanical art from ‘Botaniko.’

“Botaniko is a floral art group which has been working with some of the ladies and men at St David’s and we had a display of their beautiful artwork,” Reverend Humphrey said.

“There was also an opening cocktail party, organ and flute recitals, concerts and tours of the bell tower.

“There was lots of stuff going on, with visitors having the chance to explore the cathedral and learn more about its history.”

Reverend Humphrey said it was a way to showcase the beauty of St David’s Cathedral.

“Anything that draws the wider community of Hobart together is a good thing in a beautiful and celebratory way,” he said.

“It’s really wonderful to see people from nursing homes come as an activity and people are always just in awe of the building, as well as at the creativity of the people of Hobart.”

All funds raised went to the Friends of St David’s in helping support the running of the cathedral.

Caption: The Hobart community enjoyed beautiful floral exhibits at the 52nd Blooming Church Festival at St David’s Cathedral.

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