Run for fun … and for free

By Jo Cordell-Cooper*

I AM big fan of setting fitness goals.

One of the most important parts of goal setting is setting deadlines.

When I am helping my clients set goals, we frequently look at community fun runs and events.

These have a timeline and that means we can plan while knowing how fit we need to be by event day.

It also means we can “chunk” the training into bite-sized pieces with mini goals.

It seems that there is much more energy in the community during springtime.

There are many people gardening, walking, running, exercising happy dogs and taking kids to the park after dinner.

Although I am, personally, not a huge fan of running, I do run – it is a time-efficient and energising workout.

Recently, a client told me of an organisation called “Park Run” that organises free weekly fun runs for people of all ages and stages.

As a volunteer organisation, Park Run hosts timed events in safe and scenic locations around the world.

Hobart’s local Park Run is held at Risdon Brook Dam 9am every Saturday and participation is free.

There is something special about being part of an event with other like-minded participants – it has a great vibe and is a wonderful community to be a part of.

As each event is timed, you receive weekly feedback on your performance and from there on you can work on improving your time.

It is fine to walk in part for those working up to the five-kilometre distance.

Park Run provides you with a weekly opportunity to be part of a mini event and participating in it can be the end goal, or the means to a bigger goal.

For more information go to www.parkrun.com.au



*Jo Cordell-Cooper owns and operates the award-winning business Active Solutions and Health Network that specialises in women’s fitness at all ages and stages.

For more information contact Jo on 0409 862206 or activesolutionstas@gmail.com or visit her website www.jocc.com.au

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