Pellet fires as a sustainable and effective heating solution

WITH Winter fast approaching, many households around Tasmania will be deciding upon which way to go about heating their home for the colder weather ahead.

Traditionally in the state, it has been a choice between either air-conditioning, heat pumps, or the traditional wood heater.

In recent years, another player in the heating stakes has emerged, merging consistent and pleasant heat with an eco-friendly angle.

Pellet fires are becoming more popular by the year and there are many reasons as to why.

Pellet fires utilise recycled timber waste sawdust as a fuel.

Pellets, when burned, create a consistent heat akin to a wood or gas heater retaining the pleasant feel that comes from combustion heating but retains the convenience of a push button, thermostat controlled heat pump.

They are seen as one of the more environmentally friendly approaches to providing constant heat during the Winter periods due to this fuel source, as sawdust waste traditionally ends up in landfill.

Their popularity has only increased in recent years as a result, along with their reliability during the colder months, and increasing competition in the industry

Pellet Fires Tasmania managing director Rob Douglas is well aware of the heightened interest in pellet fires in recent times.

“The most common reason for buying a pellet fire is for those who appreciate the aesthetics, but don’t want the additional work that comes with maintaining a fireplace,” Mr Douglas said.

“It’s the emotional aesthetics – you can’t have a candlelight dinner in front of a heat pump.”

On top of the emotional appeal of a pellet fire furnace, however, is the incredible efficiency, which directly translates into huge savings when compared to other forms of heating.

Pellet fuel is also much cheaper than traditional firewood, being less to run than at the current market rate of $150 per tonne of firewood.

This is set to decrease even further in the future, with heightened interest in the pellet fire industry having opened up the marketplace to new competitors.

New suppliers of pellet fuel have emerged, driving the price of the renewable source down by 20 per cent this year alone.

“The market is maturing”, Mr Douglas said on what the new suppliers of pellet fuel have done for the industry here in Tasmania.

“The added competition is creating a healthy product and the industry really is poised to grow.”

Even with the current COVID-19 pandemic creating hesitation right across the economy, the pellet fire industry is one of the few that are optimistic about the uncertain road ahead.

Pellet fires, such as other heating methods, are considered an essential service.

On top of this, a lot of work has gone in to making sure that any possible contamination from handling of pellet packaging is removed, following the State Health Department guidelines from packaging right down to service and delivery.

Caption: Pellet Fires Tasmania owner Rob Douglas.

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