On a Mission to end homelessness

HOBART City Mission is calling on the community to sleep rough for just one night, so others don’t have to.

You can take a stand against homelessness by joining the City Mission’s ‘Sleep Rough’ event on Friday 27 May, when participants will sleep out at Hobart’s Princes Wharf No. 1 to show their solidarity with the hundreds of Tasmanians who sleep rough or in improvised shelter every night.

Open to people of all ages including individuals, families and school, community and corporate groups, Sleep Rough will raise much-needed money and awareness for people experiencing homelessness in southern Tasmania.

Money raised through the event will help fund Hobart City Mission programs that support people facing immediate homelessness, as well as longer-term housing programs like Mountain View, Small Steps and DIY Dads.

The organisation has seen a steady increase in demand over the last couple of years, despite continuously expanding services and creating new programs.

In December 2021, there were 4,388 Tasmanians on the Housing Tasmania waitlist, with 338 of those sleeping rough or living in inappropriate housing. Each day 36 requests for housing help go unassisted because of a lack of resources.

Hobart City Mission CEO Harvey Lennon highlighted the importance of community collaboration in tackling the issue of homelessness.

“Often the biggest impacts come from grassroots activity,” he said.

“By joining Sleep Rough, you are showing that you are not okay with the current levels of homelessness in our community, and making a commitment to help support those who are facing hardship.

“For us, it will only be one night. But for many rough sleepers, they are spending every night, year after year, trying to find a safe place to sleep. We can tackle this issue together.”

Sleep Rough will be held at PW1 from 5pm on Friday 27 May until 8am the following morning. To find out more or register, go to www.sleeprough.com.au

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