New SATIS record has Jane jumping for joy

SEVENTEEN-YEAR- OLD Jane Hickie has smashed the open girls long jump record at the recent Southern SATIS Athletics Carnival, with a jump of 5.71 metres.

Jane, who is a student at St Michael’s Collegiate, has always been a keen and competitive athlete.

When she was younger, she participated in dancing, gymnastics and hockey, before moving onto athletics at age 12.

She holds the record as the open state champion in the 100-metre hurdles, long jump, high jump and shot-put.

Alongside breaking a SATIS record in long jump, Jane won her 100-metre hurdles race, her triple jump and shot-put competitions and came second in her 100-metre race.

Her team also won the 4×100-metre relay.

Before her record-breaking moment, Jane thought through her technique, acting out her jump on her spot while the competitors in front of her took their turns.

“I like to prepare my mind and my body prior to getting on the runway,” she said.

“That way when I’m about to jump I can clear my head and let my training do the work.

“When I made that jump, I chose to focus on hitting my check marker and just letting my body complete the jump.”

Jane broke the open SATIS long jump record in 2017, so she knew she had to beat her own personal best this year.

“It’s always very exciting to know you are the best that has ever come through a competition,” she said.

“This year’s record was more of an indicator to myself that I had improved my technique since this time last year.

“I was extremely chuffed with the distance, as I am still completing my pre-season training.”

Jane said she would love to have a sporting career in the future, but believed they were “few and far between” when it came to athletics.

“I’m going to university next year, so my focus will be on both my school work and competing well in the National Championships,” she said.

“This will mean hopefully I will get the qualifiers I need to participate in the World Uni Games in the future.

“At the moment, I just want to try and take my athletics as far as I can and continue to have fun doing what I love.”

Caption: St Michael’s Collegiate student Jane Hickie has broken the long jump record at the recent Southern SATIS Athletics Carnival. Photo credit: Madison Jones.

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