New Bellerive cafe plays sausage role on Dachshund Day

World Dachshund Day was celebrated last month by a large gathering of ‘sausage dogs’ and their owners at a Bellerive Café.

Dozens of dachshunds descended on Cocomo + Co cafe on 26 June for the party, which was organised by Long Dogs of Hobart – a Facebook group with more than 1,300 members, founded in 2013 as a social page for dachshund devotees to make contact and discuss their love of all things sausage dog.

Members meet every fortnight for a group walk, and organises events like last year’s Christmas party which was attended by more than 40 dachshunds.

One of the page’s administrators, Fiona Sheldrick, said the group provides some positive socialising for the sometimes-unruly canines.

“When you train dachshunds right, they are the most loyal and loving little dogs,” she said.

“They have the most amazing personalities. Yes, sometimes they can be a little bit snappy with other dogs, but when
you socialise and train them properly they are so gentle.

“Over time they become your little shadow – we like to call them the heartbeat at your feet.”

Fiona said it was a great way to meet with like- minded people and forge friendships in the process.

“We’ve all become really good friends from meeting up with our dogs,” she said.

“We are always there to support one another, especially those who have problem dachshunds and need extra care.

“We don’t judge, we are here to support everyone and their dogs. We aim to help each other be comfortable.”

Any dachshund owners interested in joining the group can search for Long Dogs of Hobart on Facebook.

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