Narryna gets Homecoming

A new art piece has been installed at Narryna House in Battery Point.

‘Homecoming’ is a collaboration between Launceston-based jeweller and object design artist Samantha Dennis and tech-art collective Soma Lumia members Darryl Rogers, Troy Merritt and James Riggall.

The piece explores the importation of plants and animals into Australia by acclimatisation societies.

Ms Dennis said these people set out to create a sense of home in a place they otherwise considered to be discomforting.

“In doing so they brought in furnishings, aesthetics and plants and animals that were not native to this place,” she said.

“Knowing what we know how, those actions and the importation of many other species since has had a massive negative impact on the environment.”

The artwork features a dining table and uses projection and sound to create a sense of invasion.

“The work is developed around a 15-minute loop,” Mr Rogers said.

“It starts with the table as a space that seems to have stopped in time, but over those 15 minutes slowly these forms, including gorse bush and other invasive roots, take over the table and become dark and sinister.”

The exhibit sees Soma Lumia collaborating with Ms Dennis to expand their creative abilities.

“Being object-based I haven’t worked with light and sound and other technologically responsive mediums before,” Ms Dennis said.

“Likewise, Soma Lumia wanted to move into more physical and object- based experiences.”

Mr Rogers said Narryna had been very supportive.

“We approached them, and they instantly fell in love with the work which helped us get funding from Arts Tas to bring the work here,” he said.

“We have had lots of support for the project which has been really good, and we hope to see it go other places, like historic homes interstate.”

‘Homecoming’ is running in the Narryna House exhibition rooms, ending on 1 May.

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