Music Without Frontiers goes to DarkLab

DarkLab, the organisation behind Dark Mofo and Hobart’s In The Hanging Garden, has acquired ownership of renowned local vinyl record store Music Without Frontiers.

The store re-opened on 18 December for the first time since the passing of former owner Stefan Markovitch, who dedicated five decades to serving and uplifting the musical culture of Hobart.

Mr Markovitch’s wife, Jenny Markovitch, said her husband was passionate about music and enjoyed the enduring bonds of friendship that he had made within the recording industry with customers, musicians and suppliers.

“He was overjoyed knowing that DarkLab had decided to continue the store’s future operation as part of In The Hanging Garden,” she said.

DarkLab director Leigh Carmichael said Music Without Frontiers had a special place in Hobart’s cultural history.

“We are committed to continuing Music Without Frontiers’ legacy by helping to foster a vibrant and diverse music community,” he said.

“Our precinct has four live music venues operating and having a high-quality record store right in the centre of it felt like an integral part of the In the Hanging Garden masterplan.”

Incoming store manager Mel Stewart said the store would continue to operate from its current location at 151 Liverpool Street and would uphold its tradition of stocking a curated selection of vinyl records, CDs and DVDs.

“Stefan had a wealth of knowledge about music and a massive collection of exceptional and rare records,” he said.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity with DarkLab to take Music Without Frontiers into the future.”

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About the Author: Tobias Hinds

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