Move More, Sit Less – every bit counts

THE name of the Tasmanian Government’s new health campaign speaks for itself – “Move More, Sit Less”.

The initiative is working to promote the benefits of regular physical activity and minimising sedentary behaviour by providing tips and ideas for simple ways to incorporate physical activity into everyday life.

Move More, Sit Less is part of the government’s commitment to make Tasmania the healthiest state in Australia by 2015.

Although physical activity brings many benefits to individuals, it is also profitable to local economies.

The Tasmanian health system saves $60.2 million each year from people participating in sport and physical recreation.

Every $1 invested generates $4 in benefits to Tasmania, which is an impressive 400 per cent return*.

But unfortunately, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistic (2011 -2013), only 30.5 per cent of the community currently undertakes sufficient levels of physical activity to achieve health benefits.

Recognising that the biggest gains can be made when people change their behaviour from no physical activity to some activity**, the Move More, Sit Less campaign has intentionally distanced itself from previous approaches that prescribed specific amounts of physical activity for health benefits.

Instead, the initiative promotes the mantra “some is better than none and more is better than some”.

Move More, Sit Less shows Tasmanians that being active does not have to be about big workouts, sore muscles and exhaustion.

Simple ideas such as push ups from the kitchen bench as the kettle boils, getting off the bus a stop or two stops early and going for a walk while catching up with friends, demonstrate just how easy it is to choose moving more, over sitting less with everything you do.

The Get Moving Tasmania website and Facebook page provide a range of useful tips and ideas to get active, as well as asking Tasmanians to share their stories about how they move more, sit less in their everyday lives.

Use the hashtag #getmovingtas to show how you move more, sit less, help inspire others to do the same, and remember, every bit counts.

*Source: Muller, 2010. **Source: K.E. Powell, 2011.

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