More businesses saying goodbye to leases and hello to flexible workspaces

THE way we work has changed significantly, so it comes as no surprise that small-to-medium Aussie businesses are turning to flexible workspace arrangements over traditional leases to meet their business needs.

Whether you’re looking to escape the isolation of the home office, scaling your business or merely curious about the increasingly popular industry of coworking spaces, then exploring the endless options that WOTSO WorkSpace has to offer is recommended.

WOTSO offers an alternative to the traditional office or home set-up, at near-to-home locations. Predominantly based in suburban and regional areas, WOTSO Hobart is one of WOTSO’s few CBD sites.

Whether located in the suburbs or the CBD at every WOTSO you can expect to find shared amenities at your fingertips such as serviced meeting rooms, podcasting studios, workshops, events, snacks – you name it.

Flexible workspaces offer you cost savings and convenience that is so essential for small-to-medium enterprises. Private offices, permanent desks, daily drop-ins, bundle passes – the options at WOTSO are endless and genuinely flexible under no lock-in contracts.

With site managers and receptionists available during the working day, you will always feel welcome at WOTSO. Step into the modern and exciting environment built for small-to-medium Aussie businesses to find a home and scale.

WOTSO member Shane Bartel of Climate Capital likes working in an established space.

“Working in a flexspace like WOTSO has allowed my small team to focus on our core business from day one and not be distracted or burdened with typical office establishment fees and delays,” he said.

“The built-in comfort and versatility around a flexspace like WOTSO lend itself to a person balancing personal, family and career demands every day.”

Reach out to WOTSO Hobart today, by email enquiries@wotso.com or phone 6108 2112

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