Looking to 2020 and beyond

By Fiona Nolan

Principal, Mount Carmel College


WHAT an exciting phase Mount Carmel College is in.

The community spent last year reviewing what we do well and looking to the future.

The process again connected us to our roots – the Sisters of Charity.

The courage that these Sisters displayed when they decided to come to Hobart encourages us to be daring and courageous in our planning for the future – a future we can only imagine.

We asked ourselves, what do we need to do better so our students are the most successful they can be – personally, academically and socially?

How can we enrich our students’ lives and empower them to have the courage to make a difference in the word?

Mount Carmel College produces strong and thoughtful leaders.

By achieving an understanding of their own spirituality, Mount Carmel students will make a positive contribution to the world with a sense of their own worth and character in addition to a well-developed sense of global citizenship.

It is a school for girls, belonging to girls and celebrating our students as they aspire to excellence.

Mount Carmel College is a nurturing community that knows each student and whose mission it is to provide excellent learning experiences that recognise the uniqueness of each student.

Our spiritual values of love, justice, hope and compassion are embedded in our history and within the daily life of our school.

This spiritual foundation sits at the heart of everything we do.

It shapes our values and style of education.

It gives our students confidence and a sense of purpose, instilling in them empathy, generosity, inclusivity and a deep awareness of the world around them.

Our strategic plan encompasses five goals fundamental to Mount Carmel College being a school of excellence.

The plan celebrates our uniqueness, our heritage and our commitment to our students to be the best they can be.

In 2020 and beyond, Mount Carmel College will incorporate the traditions of our heritage, together with the best contemporary teaching methods and learning experiences.

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