Local gamemakers’ push to forge new industry

A LOCAL gaming company made up of staff and students from the University of Tasmania has released a new game on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

‘Party Crashers’ is the second game released by the Giant Margarita gaming company in an instalment of local multiplayer games.

The first instalment, ‘Party Golf’, which was released in 2016, was Tasmania’s first-ever PlayStation game.

Party Golf had a successful launch and is now played by thousands of gamers all over the world.

Giant Margarita producer Dr Kristy de Salas said the launch was part of the company’s push to establish a new games industry in Tasmania.

“We understand the importance of forging new pathways to create opportunity for young Tasmanians who are passionate about gaming,” she said.

“We want to keep Tasmania’s brightest talent in the state and to do this, we need successful projects such as Party Golf and Party Crashers to set the stage.

“Party Crashers is an arcade combat racer, featuring fast-paced, last-car-standing gameplay, with customisation options to allow players to create their own style of play.”

Giant Margarita founder Dr Ian Lewis said he was excited to be a part of bringing back old-fashioned gaming with the local multiplayer style of game.

“The exciting thing which makes Party Crashers unique is the combined development team of teaching staff from the University’s ICT games program and entrepreneurial students,” he said.

“Party Crashers was first created as a University project, with the team working between their studies and jobs to finish the game.

“It is unique for students to build their own start-up business while still studying and Giant Margarita is an excellent example of how it is possible to create innovative products in Tasmania.”

Party Crashers was officially launched on 5 October.

Caption: The Party Crashers creative team, clockwise from bottom left, chief executive officer and lead designer Dr Ian Lewis, lead developer Lindsay Wells, programmer Nicholas Blackburn, producer Dr Kristy de Salas and programmer Lachlan Hopkins.


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