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SEVERAL-years-ago, a young woman who was desperate for some relief from an anxiety disorder was encouraged to try Bowen Therapy by a family friend.

Little did Leila Field know that this one appointment would change her life.

“I went into my appointment optimistically cautious,” Ms Field said.

“I had been suffering with severe panic attacks for several months and western medicine just wasn’t quite cutting it for me.

“The practitioner sat and talked with me for several minutes about my history, what had brought me to her and what I wanted from my treatment.”

Bowen Therapy is applied to specific muscles, tendons and soft tissue, such as fascia, to interrupt and change the messages the brain would normally receive.

The moves are gentle, slow and precise – they affect the body’s nervous system and allow it to shift from sympathetic, meaning preparing for flight or flight, into parasympathetic, which is the rest and repair state.

“My stomach was making so many noises during the treatment,” Ms Field said.

“I was told this was a good sign because it meant my body was in a state to start repairing itself and, at the end of the treatment, I felt calm like I had not felt for months.

“I was working a data entry job at the time, so I spent much of my days slouched over a computer desk – my back ached, as well as my right shoulder and wrist.

“When I got up and prepared to leave the appointment, I noticed the pain wasn’t there anymore.

“I looked at the practitioner and without thinking blurted out, ‘I need to learn this technique’.

“As it happens, this wonderful lady was the only teacher in Tasmania.”

Bowen Therapy affects the body in such a way that it reminds it of its own incredible self-healing power.

With only a few encouraging moves from the practitioner, the body can release pain and tension in muscles, decrease headaches and improve circulation.

Fast forward to present day and Ms Field is now a fully qualified Bowen Therapy practitioner at The Rejuv Centre.

“Many of my clients come to me with back, neck and shoulder problems, all of which we have managed to address,” Ms Field said.

“In one case, it even prevented the need for a cortisone injection and surgery.”

Ms Field said she was an ambitious person and was “extremely passionate” about helping others on their journey to health.

She said she enjoyed working from a room in West Hobart.

“I love working at The Rejuv Centre with other likeminded practitioners,” she said.

“We all want the same thing – to help others to live pain-free and healthy lives.”

The Rejuv Centre is located on Hill Street, West Hobart.

For more information or to make a booking, visit www.therejuvcentre.com.au or phone 6251 3166.

Caption: Bowen Therapy practitioner Leila Field, who operates out of The Rejuv Centre in West Hobart.

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