Laughter secret to 70 years

Mackenzie Archer

SANDY Bay couple Maurice and Bernadette Connor say laughing together has been the key to 70 years of blissful marriage.

On 31 January, 93-year-old Maurice and 91-year-old Bernadette celebrated their milestone 70th wedding anniversary.

The couple met at Home Crafts on Collins Street in 1951, but before they could go on a first date Maurice got appendicitis.

“I went to the hospital and took him a basket of fruit, and the rest is history,” Bernadette said.

One year later Maurice proposed to Bernadette at St David’s Park and shortly after they were married at St Josephs Church.

“We got married at 9am and had our reception at the Lord Mayor’s Rooms at Hobart Town Hall,” Bernadette said.

Bernadette said the past 70 years had not always been smooth sailing.

“I had an art gallery that I ran on the bottom floor of our two-storey home and every month when we hung the new paintings we would argue but always end with a laugh,” she said.

“We have always had fun together and never stopped laughing at each other and I think that has kept us happy for all these years.”

Maurice and Bernadette went on to have three children and now have five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

“Every Saturday night after I finished playing cricket we would take the kids to the cinema drive-in,” Maurice said.

“We were always busy and just made the most of life. Becoming grandparents and great grandparents has been one of our greatest joys.”

Maurice and Bernadette were surrounded by friends and family and enjoyed a slice of cake to mark their 70-year milestone.

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