Kittens need carers

KITTEN season is underway, with the Ten Lives Cat Centre expecting up to 300 cats and kittens to need monthly care until April next year.

Ten Lives currently has 170 foster carers and is desperately seeking another 50 to get through the 2022- 23 kitten season.

Foster caring roles can include having an eight-week-old kitten for two weeks, caring for a cat who’s not comfortable with other cats or animals, taking home a cat or kitten during the school holidays, or simply taking in a shy cat and earning their trust.

Ten Lives team leader Phoebe van Doorn said foster caring can meet the needs and capabilities of anyone looking to foster.

“It is rewarding and fun and Ten Lives provides everything including food, litter, toys and 24/7 vet support,” she said.

“The Ten Lives vet team can train foster carers in more difficult roles such as administering medication.

“We have 60 flu foster carers, 22 neo-natal carers and others who care for cats with serious behavioural issues.”

Volunteer foster carer Nicole Fisher said she loves fostering for Ten Lives.

“It is great fun to have a cat or kitten around,” Ms Fisher said.

“I am pleased to be able to help the cats find their forever homes and make a real difference to animal welfare.

“I have a busy life with business and travelling and the Ten Lives team make it easy for me to do some care when I can and take the kitties back when I need to.

“It is the best of both worlds – I can have feline friends when I can, but still be available and flexible for my hectic lifestyle.”

Visit tenlives.com.au to find out how to become a foster carer today.

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