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By Jo Cordell-Cooper*


FOR anyone who has suffered or supported someone who has survived a stroke, you may be aware that the number two risk factor for having a stroke is low levels of physical activity.

If you didn’t know that, you now do, and high blood pressure is the highest risk factor.

So, a little challenge to walk for an hour (over and above what you usually do) and share it with our online community may just be the motivation you need to lower your own risk factors.

It’s almost spring, the days are getting longer and warmer – it’s time to get outdoors and out and about.

Keenly interested in reducing the risk of stroke in the community, I thought the timing was right to throw out this little challenge to the people of Hobart and beyond.

The challenge is free to enter, and the obligation is achievable.

Simply complete 10 walks in 10 weeks.

The “rules” are as follows:

Do 10 walks over the next 10 weeks (over and above what you would normally do);

Walk for one hour minimum – try a new trail, walk a beach, join a walking group, walk someone else’s dog, get creative;

Post your walks and share photos on the “Hike Ready” Facebook group, use the hashtag #10walks10weeks;

Share any website links of where the walks are so others know where to go.

Stroke Awareness Week commences 2 September, but this 10-week challenge commences on 1 September and runs right through until 10 November.

Let’s get walking.

How to take part? First, join the free Hike Ready Facebook group and then share photos of where you are with the hashtag #10walks10weeks.

That’s all there is to it.

At the end of 10 weeks, you’ll be fitter and stronger and will have lowered your risk of having a stroke.

Last year, we had 25 people take part from as far away as Canada and Indonesia.

So please, feel free to share the challenge with friends and family that live abroad so we can all lower our risk of having a stroke.


*Jo Cordell-Cooper runs the award-winning business Jo CC Holistic PT and founded not-for-profit organisation Tasmanian Iconic Walks that offers challenging day long wilderness walks that raise funds for Stroke Foundation. Jo can be contacted on jo@jocc.com.au or phone 0409 862 206. Her website is jocc.com.au.

Caption: Jo Cordell-Cooper, pictured, is calling on locals to accept the 10 Walks, 10 Weeks challenge.

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