Japanese Children’s Day brings fun and culture to Hobart

Hobart families were treated to a taste of Japanese culture in May as the City of Hobart hosted Japanese Children’s Day with an offering of traditional games, cultural performances and food.

Hobart Deputy Mayor Dr Zelinda Sherlock said the free event was a fun day out for the whole family.

“People of all ages were invited to immerse themselves in an array of cultural activities and experiences which fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japanese heritage,” she said.

“Japanese Children’s Day is a national public holiday in Japan wishing children health and happiness and encouraging them to be strong and resilient.

“Having lived in Japan for nearly 14 years, Kodomo no hi always brings back special memories.”

Dr Sherlock said the celebrations were in recognition of Hobart’s close connection with its sister city Yaizu in Japan.

“Our sister city relationship has flourished for nearly five decades through cultural exchange and collaboration,” she said.

“Through initiatives like the Japanese Children’s Day celebration both cities continue to nurture strong community ties and promote cross-cultural understanding.”

Highlights from the event included the chance to meet Yai Chan, the bonito fish mascot of Yaizu City, and witness a samurai demonstration by Duncan Stewart from the Sakura Culture Centre.

“Children’s Day activities cherish and respect Japanese heritage, providing rich experiences with the express aim to celebrate their health, happiness and culture,” Mr Stewart said.

“It is a day providing opportunities for people to connect, share and learn about Japanese culture.”

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About the Author: Simon Andrews

Simon is a passionate journalist and finds joy in uncovering and sharing locally resonant stories, immersing himself in the hearts of communities. He can often be spotted out and about sourcing grassroots news for the Hobart Observer and its sister papers.

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