It takes a village

By Mount Carmel College


THERE is a lovely African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child”, that recognises the communal approach and shared responsibility of bringing up children – from grandparents, to uncles, aunts, cousins, neighbours and friends.

At Mount Carmel College, our new vertical pastoral care system for years seven to 10 is enabling our students and staff to become part of that village.

Mount Carmel College has a longstanding and proud tradition of pastoral care reflected in our motto: We Nurture, We Challenge, We Care.

Our new vertical pastoral care system allows our staff to meet the wellbeing needs of our students more effectively.

The vertical clan model allows the relationship between school and home to be strengthened and a true collaboration between all those involved in the nurturing of the student’s social, emotional and academic needs to be fostered.

More than that, our hope is that our vertical clan system will allow each of our students to play a role in helping to raise their peers; to share the responsibilities, shoulder the effort and dedicate the time to raising confident, capable and strong Mount Carmel women.

Raising friends:

The vertical clan structure allows for our students to build relationships with students in year levels above and below their own.

Through the vertical clan structure, the students will be raised to be independent, courageous and socially aware individuals.

Our aim is to help to break down the pervasive barriers between cohorts.

Together, we can raise young women who promote the importance of belonging, community and diversity.

Raising leaders:

A vertical clan structure allows for reciprocal leadership and peer mentoring.

By having students of different age groups and year levels in one clan, younger students can readily seek advice and older students can offer academic tutoring or coaching.

With a vertical clan structure, the responsibility of leadership is not just left for the senior students at our college.

Raising proud collegians:

Mount Carmel collegians are vehemently passionate about their community.

Our vertical clan structure will spark pride in our college house teams and allows our students to group together to develop an ethos representative of their house namesakes.

The vertical clan structure will support our house events and draw students together; raising a proud family that celebrates the cultural, sporting and academic success of all its members.

The staff and students of Mount Carmel College is a family to others in our community.

Together, we all share in the joy of raising young women.

Together, we are the village that will raise your daughter.

Mount Carmel College Open Day will be held on Saturday 16 March from 11am to 1pm.

Register online or by calling the college on 6216 7900.

Caption: Mount Carmel College year eight students, clockwise from back left, Grace Rowbottom, Ella Mulcahy, Regan Barwick and Jessica Stevens.

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