International recognition for local captain

SARAH Parry, captain of the Hobart-based youth development brigantine Windeward Bound, has been named World Sail Trainer of the Year at the recent Sail Training International Conference in France.

Sail Training International is the world governing body of youth development sail training.

Each year, it presents awards to vessels, vessel operators, individuals and organisations that have made a significant contribution to sail training.

The Sail Trainer of the Year is awarded to a professional sail trainer to encourage and recognise high performing individuals who deliver sail training programs for young people at sea.

“In no small way the honour also belongs to the entire group of wonderful young (and older) people – past and present – who make up the entire crew both afloat and ashore our great ship,” Captain Parry said.

“Our collective success is due to our collective efforts and the continuing financial and practical support of the entire Tasmanian community.”

In 1965, Captain Parry watched the arrival of an old Baltic training vessel known as New Endeavour into Sydney, where it had sailed from England.

This sight sparked a dream to operate a similar tall ship.

With a background in the Navy, Captain Parry started investigating the benefits of sail training around the world, after which she began building the Windeward Bound.

Since it was launched in 1996, the Windeward Bound has provided sail training opportunities to thousands of young Australians.

For more information on the Windeward Bound, visit www.windewardbound.com.au.

Caption: Captain Sarah Parry has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Sail Trainer of the Year.’

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