Integrating solar power into Hobart’s infrastructure

THE City of Hobart is transforming its infrastructure to benefit from energy efficient technologies through the third-round of its solar power installation.

In 2019, 700 additional panels will be installed, increasing the amount of solar generated energy used by Council’s buildings and infrastructure from six to 8.5 per cent.

City of Hobart manager of asset services infrastructure division Bill Hanley said the 2019 installations would be the third round funded by the City of Hobart.

“Mathers House, North Hobart Oval, Cleary’s Gates Depot and Town Hall are some of the new and augmented installation locations,” he said.

“In total there are 12 solar energy sites which will have an installed capacity of 750 kilowatts.

“It will annually generate approximately one million kilowatt hours and will go towards powering Hobart buildings and the electric vehicle charging station at Hobart Central Carpark.”

Currently, 1,700 solar panels are installed across the City’s facilities, with the overall solar power generating capacity of 490 kilowatts.

In October 2018, one million kilowatt hours have been generated to date by solar power in the greater Hobart area.

This amount of energy is equivalent to removing 90 cars from the roads for one year or enough to power 144 houses for one year.

Mr Hanley said he is hopeful that the City of Hobart would fund more solar installations in the future.

“I’m hopeful we will continue identifying new opportunities in Hobart and my goal is for Hobart to instll 1000 kilowatts of power,” he said.

“Solar energy is a great way of publicly showing the City’s efforts to reduce non-renewable energy usage in Hobart.”

The City of Hobart will continue to work towards improving energy efficiency and implementing sustainable practises in the city.

Caption: The new solar panels installed at Hobart Central Carpark. Photo credit: City of Hobart.

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