How to decide on the right Personal Trainer

Embarking on a fitness journey is an exciting step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced exerciser looking to reach new goals, having a personal trainer (PT) can greatly enhance your progress. However, finding the perfect PT for your needs can be a challenging task.

In this column, we will explore some practical and technical considerations
to help you choose a personal trainer who is the right fit for you.


Practical Considerations: The 3 A’s

Affable: Building a positive relationship with your personal trainer is crucial. You should feel comfortable around them and be able to communicate effectively. While gender may be important to some individuals, the key is finding someone you like and respect.

Affordability: Before committing to a personal trainer, consider your budget and determine if their services fit within your financial means. Additionally, inquire about their payment options to ensure flexibility.

Availability: Assess whether the personal trainer’s schedule aligns with yours. Are they able to accommodate your preferred workout times? It’s also beneficial to choose a trainer located close to your home or workplace for convenience.


Technical Considerations: The 3 E’s

Experienced, Qualified and Insured: It’s essential to choose
a personal trainer who possesses the necessary qualifications and experience. Look for certifications from reputable fitness organisations. Additionally, verify that they have liability insurance, ensuring your safety during training sessions.

Expertise in Your Specific Needs: Consider your personal fitness goals or any specific requirements you may have. Do you need assistance with a post- pregnancy workout, rehabilitation for an injury, hiking fitness or weight loss? Ensure that the personal trainer has expertise in the areas relevant to your needs.

Energy Level and Training Style: Personal trainers have varying energy levels and training styles. Determine how they plan to train you, including the intensity, duration and types of exercises they will incorporate. Make sure their approach aligns with your preferences and goals, whether you thrive on high-intensity workouts or prefer a more moderate approach.


Choosing the right personal trainer can greatly impact your fitness journey’s success and overall enjoyment. By considering the practical aspects such as likability, affordability and availability, you can find a personal trainer who fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Equally important are the technical considerations, including qualifications, expertise and training style, ensuring that your trainer can effectively guide you towards your goals.

Remember, it’s essential to ask prospective personal trainers these questions to gain clarity and make an informed decision. By combining practicality and technicality, you’ll be well on your way to finding a personal trainer who suits your needs perfectly. Good luck on your fitness journey!


Jo Cordell-Cooper is a holistic and award-winning personal trainer, Jo CC Holistic PT. For more information go to Jocc.com.au and read an extended version of this blog at https://jocc.com.au/choose- a-personal-trainer

Make contact at jo@jocc.com.au or 0409 862 206.

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