Home-grown Queen celebrated

Hobart-born Mary Donaldson has ascended to the esteemed position of Queen Consort to her husband, Frederick Christian, who was crowned King of Denmark.

In celebration of this momentous occasion, the City of Hobart and City of Copenhagen will simultaneously plant a tree, with a native blue gum to be planted in Sandy Bay later this year.

Hobart Mayor Anna Reynolds said it was an honour to mark Princess Mary’s ascension to the throne of Denmark.

“Hobart is immensely proud of Queen Mary’s Tasmanian roots and we are excited to celebrate this joyous occasion with a meaningful gesture that reflects our shared history and connection,” she said.

“This gift not only symbolises the warmth and friendship between Hobart and Copenhagen but also aligns with the City of Hobart’s commitment to environmental sustainability, which is outlined in both our Street Tree Strategy and our Climate Strategy.”

Hobart’s Street Tree Strategy aims to expand the tree canopy covering of the city to 40 per cent by 2046.

“Our Street Tree Strategy and Climate Strategy drive us to enhance the greenery of our urban landscape, and by gifting trees, we contribute to a healthier and more beautiful future for Hobart,” Mayor Reynolds said.

“It’s a significant step towards combating climate change and enhancing our overall well-being.”

In further celebration on the day of King Frederick and Queen Mary’s ascension to the throne of Denmark multiple Tasmanian icons were lit up in red and white, including the Tasman Bridge.

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About the Author: Simon Andrews

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