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HOW healthy is your health insurance?

Having health insurance can mean peace of mind and lower medical bills. It can also save you tax and encourage good health.

But when’s the last time you checked your cover (or the decision to not have cover)? Do you know what it includes – and if it suits your current family?

Why do a health check on your health cover?

Reviewing your health cover makes sure it meets your needs and provides value to your family (including families of one!) And with COVID-19’s impact on our health and hospital waiting times, health cover is an important safety net.

Things change, both in your needs and in health cover options, so your cover may be out of date. For instance, if you no longer need pregnancy cover, something like HCi’s Silver Plus cover may suit you better.

On top of that, most funds increase their fees every April. Is your cover still competitively priced?

Depending on when you last compared health cover, the rules may have changed. Not all health cover saves you from paying the Medicare Surcharge Levy, and HCi is one of very few funds including children up to the age of 31 (rather than 25) on family policies.

What if your cover ‘fails’?

If your existing hospital, extras or combined cover does not meet your needs or provide the best options for you, change to another fund! HCi will manage the exit from your old fund for you to make it easy.

No waiting periods apply when you switch to equivalent or lower cover so that needn’t be a factor in choosing to switch. Upgrading your cover (within or between funds) may well have additional waiting periods for certain types of cover, however.

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