Hats off at Albuera Street Primary School

STUDENTS at Albuera Street Primary School are a few among many students across the state entering in the MyState Student Film Festival this year.

The MyState Film Festival is an opportunity for Tasmanian students to showcase a range of skills including creative writing, art, project management and the use of technology.

Albuera Street Primary School grade six students Willow Henry, Anna Hensher and Adelaide O’Donoghue are entering this year’s festival with a short film made with iMovie.

School teacher Michelle de Paoli registered the girls and is supporting them throughout their filming period.

“We at Albuera Street Primary School see the MyState Film Festival as an extension of our literacy program and drama and ICT lessons, and we support the students in whatever way we can,” Ms de Paoli said.

“It’s also a great way for the students to learn and practise their cooperation and communication skills.”

Anna was involved with the MyState Film Festival last year, making it to the finals with her movie.

She wanted to make another film this year, so enlisted the help of her friends Willow and Adelaide.

Students will have more chances to win with the addition of brand new award categories including best comedy, drama, original song, original score and television commercial.

Willow said the girls’ movie for this year’s festival would be entered in the comedy genre.

The film festival set a feature item to be included in all films and this year the item is a hat.

Willow, Anna and Adelaide’s film will centre around a young girl with a hat phobia, with Anna playing the role of the young girl.

“The character was born with a hat phobia so every time she sees a hat she freaks out and gets really scared and upset,” Anna said.

“It’s hard not to laugh when I’m acting as the character with the hat phobia.”

The girls said watching Anna act this part was funny, and they laughed so much they had to re-film certain scenes in their movie.

The girls will be using their phones to film and said they were all excited to be part of the opportunities the film festival provided.

“It’s really fun to be involved in the festival because we can do anything we want,” Anna said.

“It’s really cool to think that you can create a movie from your crazy ideas.”

The girls will all take turns acting, filming, directing and editing their movie, and are excited to see the outcome in late October.

Willow is a student at Cooper Screen Academy and is hoping to be acting or directing in her future career.

Adelaide said despite not having any desire to be involved in the film industry prior to making this movie, she was now thinking about a career as an actress.

Anna is heavily involved in musical theatre outside of school and is excited to be working on another movie for MyState with her friends.

In total there are 22 award categories all vying for the $19,000 prize pool this year.

Students and schools have until 31 October to submit their films.

The girls’ movie will be shown at a school assembly and be put up on the Albuera Street Primary School Facebook page to be viewed by the community.

Caption: From left, Albuera Street Primary grade six students Willow Henry, Anna Hensher and Adelaide O’Donoghue.

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