Footy welcome for migrants

AFL Tasmania, in partnership with Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania and the North Melbourne Football Club, ran a community engagement event introducing people to Australian football.

The event at KGV in Glenorchy taught members of Tasmania’s diverse migrant community the rules and skills needed to understand and play Australian football.

“People from refugee backgrounds face extremely challenging journeys when they are forced to leave their homeland, and sport is a great way to build connection with the local community in Tasmania,” Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania Phoenix Centre Manager Jamyang McQuillen said.

“The AFL Tasmania workshop helped introduce people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to the game and provided them with an insight into how to participate in local sports.”

Content for the event was translated into multiple languages to ensure all attendees would not only feel invited but included.

“Australian Football is open to everyone, and fostering inclusivity is paramount to the success of our game,” AFL Tasmania Participation and Programs Manager Linsey Da Costa said.

“AFL is more than just a sport; it is a vehicle for social cohesion, breaking down barriers, and creating a sense of belonging for everyone involved.

“We aim to build bridges that connect people from different backgrounds through the joy of sports and shared values and events like these are crucial in helping people find a safe and enjoyable place in football.”

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About the Author: Tobias Hinds

Tobias is a passionate reporter that loves telling stories. He enjoys nothing more than spreading news about the hard work people are doing in our communities.

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