Fitness testing for employment

By Jo Cordell-Cooper*

A NUMBER of personal training clients have recently signed up to work with me in preparation for fitness tests as an entry to employment.

These people generally come my way with a list of fitness tests they must complete to get to the next stage of a job interview process.

One of these tests brought back memories of my former life as a PE teacher and the audible groan of students who were asked to complete “the beep test”.

This test, which goes by many names – including the “multi-stage fitness test”, challenges participants to a 20-metre shuttle run that progressively gets faster, testing the body’s ability to utilise oxygen (the higher the number you get, the fitter you are).

While there is no denying you cannot fake good cardio respiratory fitness, there are a few strategies that will help you succeed in carrying out the beep test.

Practise with pivoting is vital to minimising time and effort in changing direction, and well as acceleration after the pivot and deceleration just before you turn.

For the Tasmania Police force, a score of 6.2 is required for women of all ages, and there is a sliding scale for men depending on age.

Regardless of whether you need this test to gain employment, or whether you just want some objective information around how fit you are, this fitness test will give you a definitive answer.

To improve your fitness try the workouts listed below each week following a warm up:

  1. A steady state jog on a flat area like an oval or bike track – just plod along for up to 20-30 minutes.
  2. Find yourself a hill 50-100 metres long then sprint up the hill, walk back down, wait 30-60 seconds and repeat five to 10 times depending on how fit you are.
  3. Run one lap of an oval briskly, then walk one lap and repeat three or four times.

Repeat the beep test every three weeks and you will be amazed at how quickly you improve.

*Jo Cordell-Cooper owns and operates the award-winning business Active Solutions and Health Network that specialises in women’s fitness at all ages and stages, as well as aqua bootcamp at Hobart Aquatic Centre, 6pm on Mondays.

For more information about Jo’s services contact phone 0409 862 206, email activesolutionstas@gmail.com or visit www.jocc.com.au

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