Fahan and Hutchins join forces to celebrate International Women’s Day

YEAR 12 students from Fahan and Hutchins came together last month to celebrate and acknowledge the significance of International Women’s Day (IWD) by participating in a series of activities and discussions around the theme of #BalanceforBetter.

Fahan School principal Tony Freeman said the event strengthened and further educated an understanding of the importance of women.

“It is an important day for women to feel empowered, to celebrate the considerable achievements made in gender equality and to highlight the challenges still ahead,” he said

“Our students are the next generation of decision makers.

“They will be in boardrooms and in government making decisions about the future, and it is important for them to recognise there are no barriers and glass ceilings.”

Mr Freeman said it was important to involve Hutchins School so young men were also part of the discussion.

“Our girls strongly believe that young men need to be involved in order to ensure that in the future there is change for gender equality,” he said.

Following a series of speeches about the significance of IWD in helping forge a more gender-balanced world, Fahan and Hutchins students enjoyed a picnic lunch in the Fahan garden.

Mr Freeman said he was impressed by the students’ initiative in organising the event and inviting the Hutchins School to celebrate with them.

“This created greater conversations among the students and served the purpose of having both genders involved in changing perceptions,” he said.

Mr Freeman said there was a positive response from students, with there being a lot of conversation around the importance of IWD.

“There was a real buzz at lunch with everyone making new friends and sharing ideas about how to bring about change,” he said.

Fahan head girl Isabella Farid said this event was a great opportunity to make new friends and to share experiences as young women who are empowered by education in an all-girls school in Hobart.

“It is also an opportunity to not see gender as a barrier in the pursuit of being the best we can be,” she said.

“We can all play a role in broadening opportunities for women – sometimes it can just be the small things that have the greatest impact.”

Caption: Fahan and Hutchins students joined forces to promote gender equality for International Women’s Day.

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