Eighty is the new 50 for senior ‘supa-pets’

A SPECIALIST in senior pet care, Sandy Bay Holistic Vet Centre prides itself on its ability to turn a “blue dog” back into a wagging, healthy pet.

Embracing a new revolution in pet health care, the centre uses nutraceuticals, anti-oxidants and herbal medicine combined with more traditional Western drugs to provide the best care for your beloved furry friends.

“Like their human counterparts, pets age – but at a faster rate – and have similar human-type health issues,” veterinary surgeon Dr David Boersma said.

“For some of the older breeds, senior years begin in their fifth year and therefore, require more veterinary attention and medication to make them comfortable.”

Issues affecting older pets range from arthritis and organ damage to cancer and Alzheimer-like symptoms.

Dr Boersma said assessing the extent of these health issues in your pet involved a consultation and examination, followed by treatment recommendations.

“These programs could include lab tests, CAT scans, radiographs, ECGs and even MRI scans to determine the problem and it’s the vet’s role to address these one by one,” he said.

To help keep your pets happy, healthy and enjoying life well into their senior years, Sandy Bay Holistic Vet Centre is planning to release a new program called ‘Supa-Pets’.

Membership into the program will include treatment packages and discounts such as annual checks, titre tests, vaccinations, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy treatments and hydrotherapy sessions.

Dr Boersma said the program was aimed at informing clients of the services the clinic provided, as well as helping as many pets as possible.

“A few of our clients suggested that we offer a program such as this and we thought it would be a great idea to educate people on what we have available and provide the best possible benefits to the animals that need it most,” he said.

For more information, phone 6224 0855.

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