Easy coastal walks

By Jo Cordell-Cooper*


LAST month, I wrote about three 30-minute walks suitable for families within a 30-minute drive of Hobart.

I received so many emails from people who had gone out and enjoyed them that I thought I’d share a few of my favourite easy coastal walks on the Eastern Shore.


Shag Bay – 1.9km, 30-minutes each way

Start at Debomfords Lane in Geilston Bay – there’s plenty of car parking here.

Cross a small bridge near the playground, turn left and walk to the end of the road.

The track to Shag Bay is well marked and suitable for families and dog walkers.

Follow the coast along, there’s gentle up and down tracks that’ll take you to an old boiler – it’s a bit of a steep decent at the end.

This is a great place for a break and some photos. Retrace your steps back.


Geilston Bay to Lindisfarne – 3km return

This track is right at the water’s edge and it’s the prettiest walk ever.

It’s almost flat and starts at Geilston Bay.

Walk along well-marked tracks to the left of the car park past some lovely boats in the bay and waterfront homes.

You’ll be sharing the track with joggers, pram walkers, slow walkers and the occasional social cyclist – I just realised that makes it sound pretty hectic, but it isn’t, it just shows how diverse the track use is.

Keep walking until to get to Talune Street and then retrace your steps.

Incidentally, you can hook up with the broader Lindisfarne to Howrah tracks from here, but if it’s a short walk you are looking for, Talune Street marks a natural place to turn around.


Natone Hill – 2.7km circuit or go “up and over”

Natone Hill in Geilston Bay is a circuit around the hill with lovely views of the Derwent, both north and south bridge-to-bridge.

Again, it’s a fairly flat walk, but for those looking for a bit of a heart beat challenge, you’ll be wanting to head up and over.

There are several places to do this and you’d have to try pretty hard to get lost, so just head up and locate the trig point at the top.

You’ll find several different ways to get down.

You can find more information at the greater Hobart trails website at https://www.greaterhobarttrails.com.au.

*Jo Cordell-Cooper is the owner of the twice award winning business Active Solutions and Health Network and founder of Tasmanian Iconic Walks.

Make contact by emailing activesolutionstas@gmail.com or phone 0409 862 206.

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