Dressing to look one size smaller and 10 years younger

WHEN you go to the supermarket without a shopping list, you are courting the danger of buying things you do not need or did not intend to buy.

How many of you have succumbed to impulse buying?

The same principle applies to shopping for your clothing – achieving the perfect outcome requires preparation.

How many times have you ventured out to solve a clothing imperative and arrived home with a completely irrelevant, yet fabulous bargain that does not fit your needs? You bought it because it was a bargain but in most cases you have never worn it.

Liz Davenport, one of Australia’s top fashion designers, has been advising women on how to dress to fit their body shape and look years younger for more than 40 years.


Understanding your body shape

Our body curves do not become obvious until we put on weight and this tends to happen as we get older. Our body shape pre and post menopause has many of us becoming depressed and we lose our self-esteem about how we look. Many women feel guilty or ashamed about being “big”.

The constant images in the media of how we all should look add to our feelings of frustration with the current availability of clothes that fit.


Ask yourself this question: “is it flattering?”

We work on a concept called “dynamics of disguise” – the art of dressing thin or minimising the area of concern and maximising the good points. This is “f for fit”. It is all in how the garment is cut and how the fabric falls. It also refers to colour.

Never underestimate the power of colour. Knowing what suits your skin tone will make you look 10 years younger and is very flattering.

Our DNA predetermines our inherited body shape. We are predestined to be “hippy”, “hourglass” or “busty”. Knowing how to buy clothes that flatter is a skill that can be learned.


Here are some tips for you:


If you have a voluptuous bottom avoid clothes that cling, wear tops that sit at the curve and discover the knee length coat over slim pants.

If you have a larger tummy (most of us fall into this category) choose tops that fall below the tummy curve with absolutely no cling and opt for bias cut skirts.

“Where has my waist gone?” Avoid wasted dresses – it is not a slimming look. Instead, create a longer waist illusion by adding to the length of your torso.

The upper arm sleeves should be roomy and comfortable without being oversized. If it is tight you will get the dreaded “sausage squeeze”.

Choose soft draping fabrics that skim the body in a cut that sits as close as possible without hugging your body. Choose stretch fabrics for comfort and flattering fit.

Designed with the “real woman” in mind, Liz Davenport’s pants are made to give the wearer a flattering bottom and her jackets and shirts are cut to fit women of all sizes ranging from eight to 22.

For more information or to book a complimentary personal styling session contact Irena Smith on 0417 265 193.

The Liz Davenport travelling boutique will be in Hobart from 21-23 January 2016 and 17-19 March 2016.

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