Community forum shapes new climate strategy

The City of Hobart recently hosted 33 community participants to help inform the city’s evolving climate strategy and provide recommendations for how the council and local community can respond to climate change.

The inaugural Hobart Climate Assembly’s participants were representative of the Hobart community with an age range between 16 to 75, a variety of genders, cultural backgrounds and climate change knowledge.

The assembly resulted in 10 prioritised recommendations to address the challenges posed by climate change and loss of biodiversity across Hobart.

Assembly participant and North Hobart student Chloe Holley said the Climate Assembly was a successful project.

“It was incredible working so closely with the community, the council and experts to improve our city not just for climate readiness but also for liveability,” she said.

“Seeing the council members come along and see the work we were doing really made me feel like we were being heard.”

Hobart Mayor Anna Reynolds said climate change was the most significant issue of “… our generation and would impact all of our lives in some way.”

“The only way to reduce the impact is for everyone to work together and cut the pollution that’s causing such rapid change to our world,” she said.

“The Hobart Climate Assembly has given us the clear direction on what the community would like to see us do in Hobart and what we can do together.

“Many climate change initiatives also have extra benefits such as reducing energy costs, creating new job opportunities and creating cleaner air.”

For more information and assembly’s full recommendation list visit the City of Hobart website www.hobartcity.com.au

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About the Author: Simon Andrews

Simon is a passionate journalist and finds joy in uncovering and sharing locally resonant stories, immersing himself in the hearts of communities. He can often be spotted out and about sourcing grassroots news for the Hobart Observer and its sister papers.

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