Colonial era mountain monument’s new look

For more than 170 years, the Smith Monument has been a popular landmark for visitors and regular bush walkers venturing across kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

On 23 January 1858 Dr John Smith, a 37-year-old ship surgeon, attempted and ill-fated trek up the mountain with four companions.

Dr Smith, who was sick the previous day, began to lag behind the others and made wrong turn on the descent.

Despite a frantic search, Dr Smith was found to have perished that same day from exhaustion and dehydration.

The monument to this tragedy had been maintained by the Hobart Walking Club and the Grand Lodge of Tasmania until recent conditions caused it to corrode.

The City of Hobart tracks team recently carried the historical monument down off the mountain and replaced it with a new marker at the start of the Smiths Monument Track and a plaque at the end of the track.

The original monument will be housed and maintain in the Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery.

The 45-minute return Smiths Monument Track leaves from the South Wellington Track/Ice House Track junction.

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About the Author: Simon Andrews

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