Collegiate makes a splash

A HEALTH and Physical Education program at St Michael’s Collegiate has encouraged students to get underwater through a range of unique aquatic sports.

Year eight students participated in four aquatic sports – synchronised swimming, underwater rugby, water polo and water basketball – to learn new skills in sports that they usually wouldn’t participate in.

“They’re learning skills they can utilise in an aquatic environment such as swimming and snorkelling, but also having fun,” Health and Physical Education coordinator Sharon Scott said.

“It’s also the psychological skill of having a go at something they’ve never tried before.”

Underwater rugby was one sport that the students participated in and Underwater Rugby Tasmania member Rachel Berry said it was great to get female students involved in the sport.

“It’s really great for girls and young women to be exposed to a wide range of sports and not be narrowed down to sports that are typically considered okay for women to play,” she said.

“We have a strong female population in our club (Underwater Rugby Tasmania), but we love getting more women involved in the sport.

“We hope that in a few years they’ll remember us when they look to play a sport and make contact, but these sessions were just about having fun.”

Ms Berry said during the sessions, the students learnt various skills.

“We taught them about safety underwater and how to safely make contact with another player underwater,” she said.

“We also went through the basic passing skills, goal scoring and how to be active underneath the water in a safe way.”

Year eight student Amelia Groom said the underwater rugby sessions were really fun and interesting.

“It was so fun and it would be awesome if you could do it again because everyone would really enjoy it,” she said.

“I liked the technique and how you needed to dive underwater – it was a good way to dodge the defenders.”

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