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LENAH Valley Primary School has unveiled a new mural that showcases the artistic talent of students to the wider community.

Staff member Kelly Ahern designed and coordinated the painting of the mural, with the students from the school helping out during various stages.

“We started at the end of March by painting over an old mural, with prep and grade six students helping out,” Ms Ahern said.

“More students helped out and there was about 100 students who had a huge input on the mural in designing the animals and plants we put on it.”

Ms Ahern said the mural was based around the curriculum the students were working on, which was looking at native Australian and Tasmanian animals and plants.

This included Tasmanian devils, magpies, wallabies, possums, bandicoots, echidnas and a wide variety of Tasmanian plants.

“We made sure every child had the chance to draw a picture of what we wanted,” she said.

“We looked at the best ones that would fit with our design and then I photocopied them and drew them straight on the wall, so what’s on the wall is exactly what the children drew.”

Principal Jennifer Poynter said the mural was a whole community effort.

“It’s also added to the importance of community to Lenah Valley because it was a huge number of students and community members coming together to participate,” she said.

“It was teaching the students that things take time and patience, so that was really good and aligned with our school values.”

Ms Poynter said all the students were excited when the mural was opened.

“They were excited because they had been part of it, but they were also thankful and appreciative for having Ms Ahern work with them,” she said.

“We often talk about children’s achievements, but it’s also lovely to see their appreciation of someone else’s skill.”

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