Autumn burns planned for April

BUSHLAND surrounding Hobart, including Knocklofty Reserve and the Queens Domain, will be the target of an intensive bushfire fuel reduction program this month.

The fuel reduction burns are part of the City of Hobart’s $1.9 million annual bushfire mitigation program.

There will be 11 separate burns, all designed to protect the community, properties and natural environment from bushfire outbreaks.

The City of Hobart carries out major fuel reduction burns in spring and autumn, but autumn’s higher rainfall and wetter conditions make it ideal for reducing bushfire loads.

The onset of winter provides safer conditions for fire crews and less chance of extreme fire behaviour.

“Our fuel reduction burns and fuel breaks are the best insurance policy we have for protecting lives and property from bushfires,” City of Hobart Fire and Biodiversity Program leader John Fisher said.

“The fires that burnt across Tasmania last summer were a reminder that we are never far from dangerous fire conditions.

“As a city surrounded by bushland, Hobart is more vulnerable to bushfire than any other capital city in Australia.

“Climate change is adding to that risk by increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather.”

Fuel reduction burns reduce the build-up of flammable vegetation on the forest floor and create safer firefighting conditions in the event of a bushfire.

They also reduce the rate of spread and impact of high-intensity bushfires, which have the potential to inflict great damage on bushlands and native wildlife.

Residents can minimise risk by making their properties bushfire-safe.

Removing grass clippings, dead branches and leaf litter from around the house and immediate surroundings are some of the simple actions that can help houses survive a bushfire.

The burns are weather dependent and will be carried out across 246 hectares of bushland including at Knocklofty Reserve, Ridgeway Park, Bicentennial Park, Wellington Park and the Queens Domain.

Caption: Photo credit: City of Hobart.

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