Albuera Street Primary School keeps it real

THERE are some new faces popping up at Albuera Street Primary School, but they might not be what you expect.

As part of their studies into the marketing of gender roles and toys in a consumer society, Albuera 4/5 Williams students have welcomed a number of “Tree Change Dolls” into the classroom.

Tree Change Dolls is an initiative by local artist, illustrator and scientist Sonia Singh who has been working to swap the make-up and “glitzy” outfits commonly seen on fashion dolls with a more natural and “outdoorsy” look.

Albuera Street teacher Grant Williams said the general consensus after Ms Singh’s visit was “let’s make it real”.

“Sonia showed the students how she wiped off the dolls’ makeup and then repainted their faces for a fresher look,” he said.

“From there the dolls were fashioned in a different way – the high heels and nightclub attire were ditched for more active apparel.

“Students even thought about potential careers for their dolls outside of the glamorous ones usually depicted for these toys.”

Mr Williams said students were exceptionally pleased to see the Tree Change Dolls new faces appear from under the heavy layer of makeup.

“They are looking forward to discovering where the dolls will travel to when purchased and their future adventures.”

The Tree Change doll that was remade at Albuera Street Primary School will go on sale in April, with 50 per cent of the proceeds going to charity.

To learn more about Tree Change Dolls visit: treechangedolls.tumblr.com.

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