Adventure Patch on the road to expansion

ADVENTURE Patch has been announced as the new name for Blackmans Bay Childrens Services.

Officially launching on 1 January 2019, Adventure Patch continues the Blackmans Bay Childrens Services mission of encouraging nature-based play, fun and exploration in childcare.

Originally developed as a southern Tasmanian-based service, the organisation has grown from strength to strength through a shared philosophy and the support of the community.

The move into the New Town community in 2017 was the first step outside the Kingborough region and the beginning of a transformation for the service.

An Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care program for students at New Town Primary School cemented the need to develop an organisation name that was not limited to its original geographical location.

In rebranding, the Adventure Patch name reflects the strong philosophy which drives the organisation in its approach to childcare.

Encouraging children to explore and play is at the core of the philosophy and adventure is an important part of the story.

Along with the rebrand, Adventure Patch will see the expansion of its childcare services into the north of the state, with the integration of Family Day Care Launceston.

“There is a demand for quality childcare services across the state and Adventure Patch has a philosophy which sits well with many modern parents,” Adventure Patch chief executive officer Lynne Moran said.

“We want to challenge the reliance on strict structure and encourage children to play, explore and get messy.”

Adventure Patch offers four types of child care to parents of children aged newborn to 12 years.

The comprehensive service offers Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care across five primary school locations in the greater Hobart area.

Long Day Care is offered in both Blackmans Bay and Kingston at purpose built centres that focus on providing accessible and natural outdoor play spaces.

Adventure Patch’s role as managers of both the Kingborough Family Day Care and Launceston Family Day Care Services sees the organisation working with a number of educators across the state who share the organisation’s philosophy.

Adventure Patch inspires children to get outside, be enchanted by nature and create their own adventures.

The focus is on creating an environment where children can discover and learn through their own individual interests.

This interwoven approach of learning through play encourages freedom for children within appropriate boundaries set by Adventure Patch educators.

Adventure Patch is passionate about guiding Tasmanian children through childhood and the organisation credits both its philosophy and the community’s engagement for creating a growing not-for-profit organisation.

“We foster strong connections between child, educator and the Adventure Patch community,” Ms Moran said.

“Moving forward, our community of adventurers will grow along with our organisation – the Adventure Patch rebrand is simply the beginning.”

Adventure Patch is clear in its mission – to bring adventure back into your child’s day.

To find out more about Adventure Patch and to join the community of adventurers, contact the service on 6229 4914 or view the website at www.adventurepatch.org.au.

Caption: Newly rebranded Adventure Patch has expanded into New Town.

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