Adam goes out on a limb

NEW local business Tiger Tree Care is filling a gap in the Tasmanian market by offering clients sustainable tree care and management.

Tiger Tree Care was launched in September by qualified arborist Adam Penkala, who wanted to help build a relationship between people and their trees.

At only 28 years old, Mr Penkala is working to change the game for arborists in Tasmania by offering clients an alternative solution than tree removal wherever possible.

“For many of our clients we have been able to save trees by using specialised pruning techniques and creating long-term tree management plans that reduce stress for the trees,” he said.

“I believe it’s important to keep a healthy tree alive, however if the tree is a pest species or dangerous to people or property, I have no issues getting rid of it.

“People in Tasmania are becoming more aware of the value and importance of trees, both for their place within ecosystems, and for water retention and soil stability, which have become increasingly topical issues after the recent flooding.

“I want to help Tasmanians look after the spectacular trees they have and preserve them for future generations to come.”

Raised in the UK, Mr Penkala began working with trees in 2015 under the guidance of some experienced arborists. He went on to work for several other companies in the UK before relocating to New Zealand three years ago.

“I networked a lot and ended up working with some of the best tree care companies in the country,” he said.

“I worked in all disciplines of arboriculture, from storm-damaged trees in Auckland, to fine pruning in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens, to residential reductions in the Queenstown Lakes.”

In September last year Mr Penkala relocated to Hobart with his partner Liv, who grew up in Tasmania, with the goal of setting up his own business.

“I felt ready to wholeheartedly pour my passion for tree work into a business,” he said.

“I wanted to make sure I had spent enough time on the tools learning from the best in the industry before I went out on my own and I feel now that I have enough experience to confidently say I am ready.”

Tiger Tree Care offers a range of specialised services including pruning, deadwood removal, crown reduction, crown thinning, tree removal, mulching and firewood.

To speak to someone who is passionate about the preservation of trees and finding the best option for your situation contact Adam or Liv via www.tigertreecare.biz

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