A revolutionary approach to health and wellbeing

DO you have concerns about your health or general state of wellbeing?

Perhaps you feel as if you have asked all the questions but received no answers?

If this sounds like an experience you have had, then the team at Family Health and Wellbeing can help you.

Celebrating a year in partnership, Family Health and Wellbeing practitioners Lisa Davidson-Lim and Eleanor Braithwaite have more than 20 years of combined experience in natural therapies.

Offering a range of high quality complementary health and wellbeing services from a convenient location in Hill Street, West Hobart, the pair pride themselves on listening to clients’ needs and assisting them with their journey to health.

“We excel in finding those often elusive answers to your health concerns and provide advice and treatment plans that get results,” Lisa and Eleanor said.

“Offering remedial and relaxation services, our extensively trained team of therapists offer something for everyone in the family.

“Treatments include massage, reflexology, bowen therapy, SCENAR therapy, Dr Mary Staggs Detox Footspa, hair tissue mineral analysis, nutritional support and advice, Nampudripads Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) and NES Total Health and Wellness.”

Eleanor and Lisa said the NES Total Health assessments, which are used to restore client health, function and mobility, addressed more than simply the symptoms presented.

“This approach identifies and addresses the core of the issues,” they said.

“Based on more than 30 years of extensive research, NES Health has mapped the human Body Field (HBF).

“By analysing and treating distortions identified in the HBF, we have some incredible success stories.

“Using this system many of our clients have seen major improvements in their health concerns, decreased stress levels and an increased overall sense of wellbeing.”

For more information or to make a booking at Family Health and Wellbeing call 6251 3166.

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