A poem from the heart

SANDY Bay local Andi Stewart won over the crowd at the Australian Poetry Slam at the Sydney Opera House, finishing second for the second consecutive year.

Andi, formerly known as Anna Stewart, performed two poems to finish just behind Victorian poet wâni La Frere.

Having only started slam poetry four years ago, Andi said they were really proud of the end result.

“I gave both performances everything I had – both of the poems I performed were quite new pieces and close to my heart,” they said.

The first piece Andi performed was on the privilege of being unable to watch the news, but it was the second piece that earned an uproarious applause.

Andi performed a powerful piece on gender identity which deconstructed experiences of misogyny from a trans perspective, ending with a proclamation to be “better than one of the boys.”

“The thing I like most about going to these big competitions is the community,” Andi said.

“I found a home, a family and a culture through the community that has helped me grow and become a better human, and I’ve made some really close friends through that.

“Getting up on stage and being able to share my words with people is probably the best part about performing and competing because I write the poetry for myself, but when I perform it, it’s always for a reason.”

Andi has established a number of outlets in Hobart for people to compete in slam poetry or express themselves more socially, believing in the importance of creating a community.

“WhamBamSilverSlam is a local slam competition and I started Rowdy, which is open to poets, comedians and story tellers – it’s all about audience engagement, heckling and good-natured fun,” Andi said.

Caption: Andi Stewart has taken out second place at the Australian Poetry Slam, held at the Sydney Opera House recently.

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