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We traditionally focus on issues that are feel-good and positive.

But if you pick up your daily newspaper, watch the television evening news, listen to the radio or check online – the news of the day is (quite rightly) focused on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what the community needs to do to protect itself from its spread.

While the team at the Hobart Observer is clearly aware of the issue and the interest it is generating, we are continuing to deliberately keep our attention on providing readers with positive, local information.

So, as always, if you have an advertising query, please do not hesitate to contact Louise at advertising@tempusi68.sg-host.com or if you have a great story on a business/individual in your community, shoot it thought to editorial@tempusi68.sg-host.com the editorial team will be thrilled to hear about it.

Cheers from all of us at the Hobart Observer.

Caption: From left, Louise Langdon, Madison Jones, Connor Munnings and Lisa Jekimovics.

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