A fresh start through fashion

After seven years as a full-time carer for her daughter, Sahar has a new lease on life through fashion design, embracing a passionate connection between her artwork and materials from her native Iran.

“I have been drawing and designing as a hobby for a long time and I am so excited that this passion has now become a fully-fledged business,” Sahar said.

Sahar’s company, Alla Fashion, is named after her daughter who was diagnosed with Tourettes when she was four-years-old.

“It’s been really tough. Alla doesn’t speak so it can be quite hard for her to communicate,” Sahar said.

“Despite the doctor’s concerns I have always tried to remain positive for her. When I am happy, she is happy.

“I am so grateful to the support network of teachers and carers she now has around her. Having them in Alla’s life has provided some time for me to work on my passion.”

Alla Fashion produces stylish and sophisticated women’s clothes made from unique Iranian materials.

“I am so grateful to live in Australia and receive support for my work and my daughter, but at the same time, I am incredibly proud of my heritage and aim to show this through my designs,” Sahar said.

“I have had to learn a lot really quickly including how to use design programs and develop my English.

“Luckily, I have established some great connections with other professionals who provide continued support along this journey.

“My message to anyone else wanting to do something similar is to remain positive. As a woman still learning English and caring for a child with a disability it has been tough to build a business, but a positive mindset has helped me overcome every obstacle.”

Sahar has a new collection named ‘Brilliant’ releasing over the summer and hopes to exhibit her work in the 2024 Hobart Spring Fashion Festival.

Sahar’s fashion designs and ready to wear apparel can be found and purchased at www.allafashion.com.au

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About the Author: Simon Andrews

Simon is a passionate journalist and finds joy in uncovering and sharing locally resonant stories, immersing himself in the hearts of communities. He can often be spotted out and about sourcing grassroots news for the Hobart Observer and its sister papers.

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